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How to Update Plex Media Server on Ubuntu


            So you want to update your Plex Media Server to the latest version from the command line…well this is how. Browse to the Plex website here Look for  Plex Media Server and click computer, click the Linux tab for Ubuntu and then hover over 64bit or 332bit right click […]

F5 BIG-IP Traffic Management Shell (TMSH) Commands

F5 Icon

            Virtual server stats tmsh show /ltm virtual-address all-properties F5 Bigip service status bigstart status bigip.conf can be reloaded after config change config bigpipe daol (for 10.2.x) /usr/libexec/bigpipe daol (for 11.x) F5 Bigip Pool stats & Properties tmsh show /ltm pool tmsh list / ltm pool all-properties Printout system hardware […]

Preparing your SD Card for Kali Linux Installation


                So you want to copy the Kali Linux image onto your SD card ready to use with a Raspberry Pi! So here’s how to do it! Tweet

TFTP server Configuration on CentOS 6.5


In preparation of getting AsterisksNow/FreePBX installed at home I need to get a TFTP server up and running on Centos,…so here’s the config ! Tweet

Creating a Bridge Group in Ubuntu ready for GNS3


            Commands to set up a bridge group 1. Sets up a tap interface, a tap interface is just a virtual interface inside the systsem. sudo tunctl -u username -t tap0 -t is the interface name -u is the unsername Tweet

Reboot Junipers Network Security Manager


So how can you reboot or shutdown Juniper’s NSMxpress Appliance? login as the admin users via ssh.  Once logged into the NSM  appliance as admin issue the  “sudo su – root” command then enter your password from root you can enter “reboot”  or “shutdown -h” to poweroff the system. “poweroff” should also work.  Simples! Tweet

How To Rename NIC’s In Ubuntu

D-link DFE-580TX

I’v recently been building a GNS3 Lab and have come across a niggling problem with my NIC’s! I bought and installed a D-Link DFE-580TX  along with an existing D-Link DFE-530TX that I already had into my GNS3 server but soon found out that the D-Link DFE-530TX wouldn’t initialise so I removed it. The problem now being […]

Troubleshooting Juniper Netscreen VPNS


The Juniper debugging utility is a very useful tool when faced with troubleshooting VPN connectivity through a firewall. But how do get that useful information to the console? Tweet

How to Reset Cisco IP Communicator

Cisco Phones

Press Settings Button (looks like a check in a box) Press **# (to unlock menu) Press Erase   Tweet

Cisco IP Phone Boot Process

Cisco Phones

Switch detects unpowered device,supplies power. Phone boots software image. Switch provides VLAN information to the IP phone. Phone sends DHCP request, receives IP and TFTP information. Phone contacts TFTP server, retrieves Config file. Phone contacts first CUCM server in config file. Tweet

Can you ping it? … Yes you can!


Ping is the most simplest tool to use whilst troubleshooting connectivity and can be very useful. The purpose of ping to verify that device that you are trying to communicate with is alive and is available. Ping in it’s simplest form is saying “are you there?” Extended ping on the other hand has various options […]

CCIE Data Center

CCIE Data Center

Old news but interesting Cisco announced back in March the CCIE Data Centre certification. “Cisco announced today that a new expert-level certification for data center professionals will be available starting September 2012. This expert-level certification validates a candidate’s expert knowledge of implementing and troubleshooting complex data center networks. The program offers candidates the knowledge and skills […]

GNS3 v0.8.2 CLI Installation & Configuration on Ubuntu


I have been trying to get ASA’s to work in GNS3 using qemu for days now I have finally got this working on ubuntu 10.10 x 86 , ubuntu 11.04 x86 and ubuntu 11.10 x64. This how I got it working straight off the bat!! Tweet

Viewing NetObjects on McAfee Firewall Enterprise


If you need to view or export your NetObjects, run the following commands: cf domain q      (for domain type network objects) cf geo q             (for geo-location type network objects) cf host q            (for host type network objects) cf ipaddr q        (for IP address type network objects) cf iprange q      (for IP range type network objects) […]

Basic NSRP configuration on Juniper firewalls


Minimum software and hardware requirements for configuring Active/ Passive NSRP:                             Tweet

How to Clone a VM using ESXi command Line


Assuming you have enabled SSH on the ESXi host you can proceed to cloning a VM Tweet

Enable SSH on ESXi 5.0 using the vShere Client

ESXi 5.0 Security Profile

Enabling SSH vis the vShere Client is pretty straight forward. Log into the vShere client Select the ESXi Host Select Security Profile           Under the services section click properties Select SSH Click Options Start the SSH service Choose the desired startup policy Tweet

NetApp ONTAP Installation


Today I reset a NetApp FAS270 back to factory defaults, this will remove ONTAP if previously installed. This is quite easy to resolve by using a web server of some sort. Personally I use mongoose – easy to use web server which can be found on on Google Code . Once you have IP […]

NetApp FAS270 Factory Reset


This will restore the FAS270 filer back to factory defaults. 1. Initialise all disks and using option 4(a). To do this… Connect a console cable to the filer and Halt the system using the halt command During the boot process press Ctrl+C to get into the Special Boot Menu. Select option 4(a), this will initialise […]

Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN Setup

Cisco AnyConnect

          The Cisco AnyConnect VPN is supported on the new ASA 8.x software version which provides remote access to users using a secure Web Browser (https). The AnyConnect client software supports Windows Vista, XP, 2000, MAC OS X and Linux. The client can either be downloaded directly to remote user’s PC […]

Cisco ASA 8.3 No NAT/NAT Exemption


            As we all know Cisco`s new ASA version 8.3 brings massive changes in NAT. This article describes and explains how NAT exemption (no NAT) is now configured. Tweet

Extreme Switch Management Access Configuration


                         This configuration guide is based on a brand new switch out of the box. In order to gain control of the switch quickly and securley follow this guide. Anything in [BRACKETED BOLD] will need to replaced with your system details. First of all remove […]