CCNP R&S Certification Scribbles

Virtual Router and Forwarding aka VRF’s

VRF is an independent router: Interface and IP subnets Routing Protocols Routing and Forwarding table VRF’s have one single management option. VRF’s do not have separate management instances unlike ASA’s or Nexus 7K’s   VRF Lite – Cisco terminology of VRF’s without MPLS. VRF Lite can be used to segment a single Physical infrastructure into […]

MPLS Basics


MPLS uses two types of routers LER – Label edge Router LSR – Label Switch router In a VPN environment, the LER is called the Label Edge Router also known as a Provider Edge Router or PE. The Label Switch Router relays MPLS in & out. In a VPN environment the LSR is called the […]

CCNP Questions & Answers


  CCNP¬†Questions & Answers Quick Notes – LAN What is carrier sense multiple access collision detect (CSMA/CD)? CSMA/CD describes the Ethernet access method. In CSMA/CD, many stations can transmit on the same cable, and no station has priority over any other. Before a station transmits, it listens on the wire to make sure no other […]