TFTP server Configuration on CentOS 6.5


In preparation of getting AsterisksNow/FreePBX installed at home I need to get a TFTP server up and running on Centos,…so here’s the config ! Tweet

How to Reset Cisco IP Communicator

Cisco Phones

Press Settings Button (looks like a check in a box) Press **# (to unlock menu) Press Erase   Tweet

Cisco IP Phone Boot Process

Cisco Phones

Switch detects unpowered device,supplies power. Phone boots software image. Switch provides VLAN information to the IP phone. Phone sends DHCP request, receives IP and TFTP information. Phone contacts TFTP server, retrieves Config file. Phone contacts first CUCM server in config file. Tweet

Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN Setup

Cisco AnyConnect

          The Cisco AnyConnect VPN is supported on the new ASA 8.x software version which provides remote access to users using a secure Web Browser (https). The AnyConnect client software supports Windows Vista, XP, 2000, MAC OS X and Linux. The client can either be downloaded directly to remote user’s PC […]

Cisco ASA 8.3 No NAT/NAT Exemption


            As we all know Cisco`s new ASA version 8.3 brings massive changes in NAT. This article describes and explains how NAT exemption (no NAT) is now configured. Tweet