GNS3 v0.8.2 CLI Installation & Configuration on Ubuntu

I have been trying to get ASA’s to work in GNS3 using qemu for days now

I have finally got this working on ubuntu 10.10 x 86 , ubuntu 11.04 x86 and ubuntu 11.10 x64.

This how I got it working straight off the bat!!

I started from scratch so deleted all the files in /opt/GNS3 and also deleted all the qemu files in /usr/local/bin.

Install the below dependencies using the apt-get command

Networkzeus@mrgns:/#sudo apt-get update
Networkzeus@mrgns:/#sudo apt-get install python
Networkzeus@mrgns:/#sudo apt-get install qt4-dev-tools
Networkzeus@mrgns:/#sudo apt-get install pyqt4-dev-tools
Networkzeus@mrgns:/#sudo apt-get install libncurses5-dev zlib1g-dev libsdl-dev libpcap-dev

Make sure your GNS3 folder has all the right permissions

Networkzeus@mrgns:/opt#mkdir GNS3
Networkzeus@mrgns:/opt# chmod 777 GNS3
Networkzeus@mrgns:/opt# cd GNS3/

Next create you Directory structure with the relevant folders

Networkzeus@mrgns:/opt/GNS3#mkdir Dynamips
Networkzeus@mrgns:/opt/GNS3#mkdir IOS
Networkzeus@mrgns/opt/GNS3#mkdir Project
Networkzeus@mrgns:/opt/GNS3#mkdir Cache
Networkzeus@mrgns:/opt/GNS3#mkdir tmp
Networkzeus@mrgns:/opt/GNS3#mkdir qemu

Set the permission on the newly created folders

Networkzeus@mrgns:/opt/GNS3#chmod 777 Dynamips
Networkzeus@mrgns:/opt/GNS3#chmod 777 IOS
Networkzeus@mrgns:/opt/GNS3#chmod 777 Project
Networkzeus@mrgns:/opt/GNS3#chmod 777 Cache
Networkzeus@mrgns:/opt/GNS3#chmod 777 tmp
Networkzeus@mrgns:/opt/GNS3#chmod 777 qemu

 Time to download the necessary files and put into the correct folders




For x86 architecture use this:


Or for x64  architecture use this:




Extract the GNS 3 tar.gz and  set the permissions on the GNS3  files

Networkzeus@mrgns:/opt/GNS3#sudo tar -zxvf GNS3-0.8.3-src.tar.gz

Networkzeus@mrgns:/opt/GNS3#sudo chmod 777 GNS3-0.8.3-src
Networkzeus@mrgns:/opt/GNS3#cd GNS3-0.8.3-src
Networkzeus@mrgns:/opt/GNS3/GNS3-0.8.3-src#chmod 777 *.*

Set the permissions on the Dynamips.bin file

Networkzeus@mrgns:/:/opt/GNS3/Dynamips#chmod 777 dynamips-0.2.8-RC2-amd64.bin


Networkzeus@mrgns:/opt/GNS3/Dynamips#chmod 777 dynamips-0.2.8-RC2-x86.bin

Networkzeus@mrgns:/opt/GNS3/qemu#tar -zxvf qemu-0.11.0.tar.gz
Networkzeus@mrgns:/opt/GNS3/qemu#cd qemu-0.11.0
Networkzeus@mrgns:/opt/GNS3/qemu/qemu-0.11.0#sudo wget
Networkzeus@mrgns:/opt/GNS3/qemu/qemu-0.11.0#sudo patch -p1 -i qemu-0.11.0-olive.patch
Networkzeus@mrgns:/opt/GNS3/qemu/qemu-0.11.0#sudo ./configure –target-list=i386-softmmu  (Note there are two hyphens together best to type manually)
Networkzeus@mrgns:/opt/GNS3/qemu/qemu-0.11.0#sudo make
Networkzeus@mrgns:/opt/GNS3/qemu/qemu-0.11.0#sudo make install

What you have to understand here is once the make install command has completed it will add the new qemu files in /usr/local/bin.

To be on the safe side issue the which qemu command , this will display where qemu  is installed.

Right now on the graphical stuff

Creating a launcher

Note: To avoid receiving the below errors whilst trying to connect a GNS device to real hardware i.e PC’s NIC  through a cloud connection you will need to run GNS3 as root. Just append ‘gksudo’ (without quotes) before /opt/GNS3/GNS3-0.8.3-src/gns3

Not able to connect to a cloud object.

Error Msg: 206-unable to create Linux raw ethernet NIO

Error Msg: 206-unable to create Linux generic ethernet NIO

Error Msg: 206-unable to create UDP NIO

Adding a path to the GNS3 Application and adding a Custom Icon


















Locate the qemu files

Networkzeus@mrgns~# which qemu

Networkzeus@mrgns~# which qemu-img




Now you can go ahead and launch GNS3 and add you Cisco IOS’s for the routers navigate to edit –> IOS images and hypervisors on the toolbar

I use the following IOS’s for my setup as they provide everything I need.

  • c3640-ik9s-mz.124-16.bin
  • c3660-jk9s-mz.124-25d.bin
  • c3725-adventerprisek9-mz.124-15.T7.bin

Thats it folks!!

Keep your eye’s open for my next post on getting Cisco ASA firewalls working with 8.4(2) IOS and using ASDM 6.4(9).

If you successfully get this working the ASA setup is a breeze!!!!


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