NetApp ONTAP Installation

Today I reset a NetApp FAS270 back to factory defaults, this will remove ONTAP if previously installed.

This is quite easy to resolve by using a web server of some sort. Personally I use mongoose – easy to use web server which can be found on on Google Code .

Once you have IP connectivity to the filer you can use the following commands to download the ONTAP software form the web server.

software install url
system> software install http://webserverip:8080(optional)/folder/file
software: installing software, this could take a few minutes …software: 
installation completed.Please type “download” to load the new software 
and “reboot” subsequently for changes to take effect.system>

Issue the download command

Then issue to reboot command.

Once the filer came back up, I browsed to the Filers IP address http://ipaddress/api and entered the username:root and left the password blank.

This page will take you to the initial setup of the filer. Once completed browse to http://filer-ip/na_admin and you will taken to the Data ONTAP front screen.





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