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How to Update Plex Media Server on Ubuntu


            So you want to update your Plex Media Server to the latest version from the command line…well this is how. Browse to the Plex website here Look for  Plex Media Server and click computer, click the Linux tab for Ubuntu and then hover over 64bit or 332bit right click […]

TFTP server Configuration on CentOS 6.5


In preparation of getting AsterisksNow/FreePBX installed at home I need to get a TFTP server up and running on Centos,…so here’s the config ! Tweet

How To Rename NIC’s In Ubuntu

D-link DFE-580TX

I’v recently been building a GNS3 Lab and have come across a niggling problem with my NIC’s! I bought and installed a D-Link DFE-580TX  along with an existing D-Link DFE-530TX that I already had into my GNS3 server but soon found out that the D-Link DFE-530TX wouldn’t initialise so I removed it. The problem now being […]

GNS3 v0.8.2 CLI Installation & Configuration on Ubuntu


I have been trying to get ASA’s to work in GNS3 using qemu for days now I have finally got this working on ubuntu 10.10 x 86 , ubuntu 11.04 x86 and ubuntu 11.10 x64. This how I got it working straight off the bat!! Tweet