Viewing NetObjects on McAfee Firewall Enterprise

If you need to view or export your NetObjects, run the following commands:

cf domain q      (for domain type network objects)

cf geo q             (for geo-location type network objects)

cf host q            (for host type network objects)

cf ipaddr q        (for IP address type network objects)

cf iprange q      (for IP range type network objects)

cf netmap q      (for netmap type network objects)

cf subnet q       (for subnet type network objects)

To output to a file, use the ‘>’ and specify a filename. For example, ‘cf subnet q > subnet_objects’.

You may also export all of the network objects into a comma delimited file so that you may import them into a spreadsheet. To do so, run ‘cf policy export type=net_object’.

The command

cf policy export type=net_objects

will give you what you want.

Alternatively you can query the single tables using the following commands:

cf domain query

cf host query

cf ipaddr query

cf iprange query

cf netgroup query

cf netmap query

cf subnet query

The various cf commands will allow you to view the contents of the different tables (domains, hosts, IP addresses, etc…). You can send the output of these commands to a file using the “>” operator. So:-

cf ipaddr query > ip-addresses.txt

will create a text file called “ip-addresses.txt” containing the output of the “cf ipaddr query” command. Unless you specify a full path with the filename, it will be stored in the /home/<your_user_name> directory.

The output is formatted (minus the cf) exactly as used for the command itself. So, if you wanted to transfer network objects from one Firewall to another, you can simply transfer the text file to the other appliance and run the following command:-

 cf -f <filename>

The process will fail if there are existing objects of the same name, but I’ve used this technique to great effect on a number of occasions, creating several hundred network objects on a new firewall in a matter of seconds.


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